How many calories do you burn with Soccer?

Burning calories with Soccer
Someone weighing 180 Pounds burns approximately 595 kilocalories (kcals) per hour by Soccer. Fill in the form below and calculate your own calorie usage with Soccer.

Calories burned Soccer

Weigh in Pounds

Time in minutes

Calories (kcal)

Calculate your own calorie usage above or use the table at the bottom of the page for an idea of how many calories you burn by Soccer, depending on your weight and duration of exercise.

How do we calculate the amount of calories burned with Soccer?

This calculation uses the MET value (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) of Soccer. The MET value of Soccer = 7 . We multiply the MET value with the person's body weight in kilogram. Thereafter we multiply this with 0.0175 and the time in minutes.


A person weighs : 175 pounds
Excercise : Soccer
MET value of Soccer : 7
Time : 30 minutes

How many calories are burned during these 30 minutes?

(175/2.2) * 7 * 0.0175 * 30 minutes = 298 kcal

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Table Calories Burned - Soccer

Use the below table to quickly find out how many calories are burned by Soccer when you are a certain weight and exercise for a certain length of time. For a precise calculation, enter the required information further up the page.

Minutes 140 lbs 180 lbs 220 lbs
15 Minutes 116 kcals 149 kcals 184 kcals
30 Minutes 232 kcals 298 kcals 368 kcals
45 Minutes 347 kcals 447 kcals 551 kcals
60 Minutes 463 kcals 595 kcals 735 kcals
90 Minutes 695 kcals 893 kcals 1103 kcals

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