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Sports and burning CaloriesExercising to burn calories
Your body is always burning calories, even when you sleep. Several factors affect how many calories are burned, such as the intensity of exercise, your height and weight. Use our tool to calculate exactly how many calories your body burns during different sports and other activities.

Calulate your BMICalculate your BMI
BMI stands for ‘Body Mass Index’, sometimes also called the Quetelet index. This index indicates the relationship between your weight and height. It is usually used to determine whether someone is underweight, has a healthy weight, or is overweight. Use our online tool to quickly and easily calculate your own BMI. .

Calories and Heart RateBurning calories and your heart rate
You burn calories faster during exercise. As you work harder, your heart rate rises and you burn more calories. However, it’s harder to sustain intensive exercise for longer periods. The perfect heart rate for burning calories is approximately 65% of your maximum heart rate (roughly speaking, 220 minus your age). Find out more about the ideal heart rate during exercise or use our tool to calculate how many calories you burn at a particular heart rate .

Calories a dayHow many calories do you burn a day?
Various factors affect how many calories you burn a day, such as your sex: men burn more than women. Your height, weight, age and type of job all affect how many calories your body needs a day. Calculate your required daily calorie intake .

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